To give: Victorian house to move!

A Minnesota resident gives away her four-bedroom Victorian-style house for free on one condition: you move it!

The new owner of this home will have only three months to take possession of it and then move it out of Jordan County.

Barb Kochlin inherited this house in 2011 from her grandmother.But it has become a real thorn in her side because the city authorities, who find it “ugly”, prevent her from renovating it and therefore from finding a buyer.

With no water or sewer connection, the house has been vacant for over 20 years.Electricity, heating, ventilation and air conditioning have recently become available, but this has not helped in finding a buyer.Barb Kochlin, explained that her grandmother had renovated the place but used it mainly to store the antiques she sold.

She considered turning it into a triplex but “parking is my biggest problem” because the house is perched between a hill and a highway.

She has finally agreed to the city to demolish it by the end of the summer if it cannot move it within 90 days.

But if the house is free, it will still cost its future owner a lot of money.

“The minimum cost to move the house is approximately $20,000.And this cost increases with distance.Ideally, the buyer should own land south of Jordan.” In addition, the interior of the house is also in need of a serious renovation estimated at nearly $150,000.For those interested, please visit here.