An Enjoyable Way to Add Style to any Room

Victorian styling comprises of lavish accessories and antique furniture. The rich colors nicely adore the rooms with the contrasting lightweight draperies or velvet curtains. Since Victorian era was popular because of the hanging accessories and displayed over-abundance, so the style was also enhanced with the door and cabinet knobs in the antique polished finished.

Let us discuss the popular methods of adding style to your room.

  • We know that there are lots of cabinets in kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, etc. to store lots of stuff. So definitely the cabinets need the knobs and Victorian styling means the decorative and highly attractive knobs. You can easily find the knobs in various décor stores nearby and can also buy them from the Internet.
  • The cabinet and door knobs are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. They even come in various varieties either stainless steel or glass or even polished metals.
  • You can simply add a shabby chic look to a white cabinet with some green milk glass knobs or a modern look with some brushed silver ones. You can easily rejuvenate the rooms ranging from bug shaped knobs to colorful jewel shaped ones.
  • You can also go for the antique period Victorian look knobs made of solid wood, ceramic or glass. It really becomes vey important to choose the right one that suits your doors and cabinets with the complete look and finish.
  • You can get the one that has a smooth cut shaped like a round ball that comes in a clear, crystal type color. Or, for something a little more detailed, you can get one that has an octagon shape that is a bright violet color. Also you can have one that has a rosette shape and is of amber color.
  • There are lots of choices regarding the door knobs such as of reflecting starburst centers or a fluted design in the colors of baby blue, emerald green and even plain white.
  • The cabinet and door knobs really have a great effect on the room by enhancing style and refreshing the environment of the room and giving it a trendy look. So try to research on the various kinds of knobs for doors and cabinets before buying them online. The cabinet and door knobs are actually the little details which should that can really pull a room together.
  • While purchasing the knobs, make sure that you are buying them for the inside of your home and not outside. The reason behind it is that the glass knobs are not durable as others and outdoors they will not be able to handle all the elements and might break under the harsh conditions.
  • For the indoor ones, handle them with care and buy those that have a long warranty so that even if they happen to break they can be easily replaced.
  • You should not indulge in buying the costlier ones because even the simple glass or metallic knobs can help in giving the enhanced look to the doors and cabinets.

Thus these are some popular and interesting ways to add beauty to your room with the nicely shaped crystal glass, metallic or wooden knobs.

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