Antique Glass Door Knob

Glass door knobs can give a classic and warm look to your door. Many people who want to have an old Victorian look or other historic décor style in their home opt for paintings, furniture and other larger things to get this look. Although, these things do create a proper décor style but even after adorning your house with such accessories, you may find that something is still missing. Its’ the details! From light switch plates to accents around the door knob, there are a number of things that are necessary to make sure that the room is a complete package.

The most important thing that we overlook is the door knob! The Victorian or the rustic looking door knobs make a style statement right at your door step. You can choose from rustic to conventional style and they can be personalized too. The shape, design and look of the door knob can be shaped to suit your needs and requirements.

Antique door knobs are made from steel, cast iron, brass, wrought iron, aluminum and bronze etc. The various finishes include polished brass, antique brass, oil rubbed bronze, rusty iron and polished chrome. The door knobs are available in various shapes such as fruits, animal face, geometric designs, flowers and horizontal designs. Antique door knobs are extremely ornate and artwork is done in an elaborate manner.

You might be having a beautiful antique glass door knob, but it still might not look complete. The reason is that a glass door knob is not enough to finish the image (of your door) in a very convincing way. Adding a plate in the right direction or offering a metal background may be quite right, but it may not give the same setting as you aspire. What you are missing is the key hole! Without a keyhole and a skeleton key how can you lock your room? The antique keyhole plates and skeleton key can be found in either working or show pieces. The working one swill take a little more work to install since there will be actual operational locking mechanisms to be put on the door, while the other ones are just show pieces.

If you don’t want to put money and search to one the real antique plates to match with your glass door knob, then you can even opt for the replica plates. With the popularity of Victorian style of décor, many companies have created new versions of the old favorites in both working and show styles to ensure that you have those finishing touches.

So, go for an antique door knob to give that elegant touch to the doors of your home.

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