Components of Victorian Decor

The components of Victorian decor means all those things that can give the most authentic and traditional look of Victorian style and theme. Victorian decorating combines antique accessories with modern technology. So those components should be chosen which are antique and classy. The vintage accessories are extremely appealing. Even if you are living in a modern new house, you can use the Victorian style of decorating by making placing painting the walls and hanging some accessories from the period in order to incorporate some style from the Victorian era into your home.

Components of Victorian Decor :

1. Wall coverings
The Victorian style focuses on the wall coverings of colors such as reds and dark hues and other classy garnishes. You can choose the dark colored wallpapers or the bordered wall papers that have the antique touch or use paint with stenciling. Victorian themed walls do not mean that you have to spend a lot of money; rather you can easily use a neutral color on the walls and allow the accents to decorate the room.

2. Flooring
You can easily use the area rugs to give the complete look of the Victorian era in your rooms. You can easily get the rugs and carpets at an affordable price for the wall-to-wall covering.

3. Vintage accessories
The hanging accessories are the major part of Victorian look and feel in your rooms. What you need to do is to purchase some of the traditional photographs, works of art, and clocks for the mantle that harmonize with your decor. You can also use the antique showpieces and period curios. Even the period fabrics and vases add a professional or a formal look to your houses.

4. Light Fixtures
The light fixtures should correctly fall into the Victorian styling in your rooms. You should go for buying the old-fashioned lights for the ceiling and lamps that have silk fringe shades. You can also include both table lamps and wall sconces. The nice candelabras are also the major light fixtures on the walls or you can place them on the marble top tables also.

5. Furniture
Furniture does not mean that you have to buy antiques, but it should be in Victorian style only. When it comes to buy a sofa then you look at buying a reproduction because sofas in the Victorian period were not comfortable at all. You should purchase end tables and souvenir cabinets from an antique dealer because the modern pieces lack the beauty of the pieces from the Victorian era.

6. Windows and Walls
The windows should never be ignored when you are indulged in decorating your home with the components of Victorian decor. For that excellent look for your living or family rooms, decorate your windows with layered draperies, curtains of velvet, or curtains of different fabrics. Even the curtains of laces are very beautiful. You should not give the windows any modern window coverings. Even do not overlook your walls when decorating. Great wall decor can make walls look fabulous. Simply adding some vintage paintings along with old photographs will provide add an interesting aura to your walls and give it some real charm.

Thus these are the components of Victorian decor which are very elegant and charming to spread the Victorian aura in your home.

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