Decorating a Home Office in Victorian Style

The fancy ornamentation is seen in the Victorian decorating style. You do not have to be very challenging but with the great imagination ideas, you can give the pleasing look in your home office. You can very nicely create an efficient, comfortable and non disturbing home office while keeping in touch with the Victorian style.

Here are some useful tips for your home office to impart professional environment as well as that splendor in a pure Victorian style.

  • You should use bright red colors for decorating your Victorian home office. Make sure that you keep a paint card to match the tone of the wall paint. You can also take the help of the paint cards to buy the matching accessories. Try adding master paintings in gold gilt frames in groups on the bright colored walls.
  • Try to renovate the Victorian-era kneehole desk by hinging the lap drawer’s front; the drawer can then pull out as a platform for the computer keyboard.
  • If you want you can also try out the reproduction style in furniture such as a roll top desk with cupboards for the telephone and computer equipment as well as a keyboard tray.
  • Another option is that in the home office, you can add atmosphere with office staples and accents combined with desk and chairs.  Go for a frilly and ornate style with mahogany or wrought iron furniture.
  • The fancy metal accessories favor the room in lots of ways on the walls, windows and floors.
  • Choose that chair which is of the old Victorian style and is very comfortable for you. Try out the antique wooden office chair that tilts backward, a recent reproduction or a modern-style office chair depending on whether you use the home office frequently or not.
  • Do remove the distracting pieces or accessories on the walls such as mirrors, pictures, etc. Just be selective in placing few favorite pieces, which may be in elaborate frames with gold design such as hand painted china in a curio cabinet or porcelain figurines on display shelves as well as crystal and sterling silver, roses in vases, and candelabras dripping with prisms to accentuate your interior decorating scheme.
  • Do not forget the lighting which holds its unique importance. Home office should have the best desk lamps. Pick lighting that is fringed or has crystals or crystal with prisms to coordinate with the Victorian decorating style interior decor. Try out the ceiling fixtures such as multi-bulb styles, with faceted-crystal or frosted-glass shades.
  • About the flooring; then put a low-pile Oriental-style rug on the floor and make sure your chair rolls on it. You can also opt for a painted canvas floor cloth which could be a trompe l’oeil Oriental pattern with artificial fringes or a design suggestive of a needlepoint-floral look.
  • Regarding windows then they should be treated elegantly with draperies and velvet, lacy or damask curtains. Dress a window with a swag treatment with a tasseled cord draped in front of the swag and then use companion fringes as tiebacks for the curtains.
  • Try for the stylish metal file cabinets hidden in a larger cabinet or closet. Try out the hand painted Asian or floral motif, or use a wicker file box.
  • The electronic equipments such as printer or fax machine should be placed on petite marble-topped night table or carved occasional table if your desk does not hold all the equipment.

Thus in this way you can add style to your home office in Victorian theme.

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