Decorating Porch in Victorian Style

Porch is the area where you can enjoy the sun and other soothing weather and relax in the calm environment in your house. You have a personal contact with the Mother Nature in the form of plants and greenery and even protect yourself from the flying insects, wind, rain or cold weather. But decorating a porch in Victorian style really involves lot of creativity and inspiration. With the innovative and refreshing decorative ideas, you can transform your porch into a formal and elegant space. Employing the Victorian decorating is a tempting way to show off your porch with fancy and ornate atmosphere.

Let us discuss various ways by which we can enhance and beautify porch in Victorian style.

  • With the help of mahogany and marble furniture in the typical Victorian style, you can make your porch very appealing. You can also fancy the metal structures with accessories with bright red and pastel colors. You just have to imagine in the traditional Victorian styling.
  • To get the utmost help you can look into the various websites on the Internet and magazines to decorate your porch in Victorian theme.
  • This style needs fringed lighting or crystals and do concentrate on the outdoor lawn lighting. The porch light means a lot in decorating the porch. You can hang small chandeliers or you can use candle holders to give it a more romantic touch to spend time with your couple. Low voltage landscape lighting is another way to light up your entry and front porch. You can also use walk lights to define your walk in the corners.
  • The Door bell cover selection, stepping stones and porch swings can never be disappointing.
  • Victorian furniture is typically more petite and detailed than your average portico or tea room set. Wrought iron, wicker or pieces with exposed wood generally work in such a room. So for the furniture, stick to the formal side. So if you are decorating on a budget, then handicraft chairs and tables can be bought from the second hand stores or sale shops.
  • You should be comfortable in mixing Victorian patterns such as floral, stripes, damasks and scrolls, as well as solids. The floral seat cushions and grayish-pink colored curtains. You can mix and match the way you want but make sure that nothing goes out of taste and theme. For the windows you can also use window blinds and ruffled sheers to be more creative.
  • The most sought after fabrics for Victorian decorating are lace, chenille and velvet. Victorian fabric can be used as upholstery, throw pillows, seat covers, drapes and doilies. The lacy curtains with velvet touch give the charming look.
  • The accessories for decorating porch include beaded lamp shades, black and white portraits, porcelain tea sets, and mirrors with intricate and detailed frames. Even the candelabras and other light fixtures on the walls appeal a lot. Use seasonal plants and flowers to bring mesmerizing effect to your porch.
  • Even the soft patterned carpets or the area rugs under the tables can complete the space. This piece should complement your other decorations as a final and finishing touch and try to focus on the oriental rugs in vibrant colors.

Thus in this way you can add a stylish Victorian touch to your old and ordinary porch and make it live and refreshing again.

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