Decorating Your Master Bedroom in Victorian Style

Your master bedroom is the place where you get the complete relaxation and comfort and share the intimate moments with your beloved. The master bedroom is one of the private rooms in your home and it really becomes important for the couples to make it a romantic one. Some people engage in giving their master bedroom a Victorian style which has the feminine feel with the antique and vintage looks. The Victorian style has wide variations with awesome innovations and creativity.

Here are some tips on how to decorate your master bedroom in Victorian Style.

  1. The most important part of the master bedroom is the bed. So you should indulge in having the showy wooden or cast iron, brass or combination-metal bedsteads of double size. You can purchase the modern beds of Victorian style or hire a carpenter to adapt an antique full bed to queen size or merge twin beds into a king size.
  2. Then you need to dress the bed richly with coverings and draperies, pillows, flounces, ribbon and other trims. Victorian period quilts, lace, eyelet and floral are appropriate selections.
  3. You can also use the marble topped tables or cabinets; even wicker tables or bamboo tables or round skirted table as a nightstand is also the prettiest option for styling your master bedroom in Victorian style. Apart from all these you can also use the turned or carved wooden tables made during that era that give the antique look.
  4. The top night tables are also very appealing and attractive which have traditional lamps, archetypal ginger-jar pottery and crystal; or brass and candlestick styles. You can place every lamp on the crocheted lacy mats or doily to give the unique authentic feel.
  5. The dark stained drawers or dressers made of oak, mahogany or walnut are also likable. The most genuine Victorian touches will be felt if you ornate the dressers and drawers with carvings, pediments or ornate the case-brass or carved-wood drawer pulls. Some of the drawers should be decorated with candle stands, tilting mirrors and marble tops.
  6. The area rugs are also very important for the flooring in your master bedroom. There are various types of area rugs that cover wall to wall with that soft and supple feel such as Orientals, straw-type mats, hooked rugs and machine-loomed rugs with flowery or swirly nonfigurative patterns.
  7. When it comes to walls then accessories them with old paintings, portrait period pictures including subjects such as botanicals, children, maidens, animals, etc. Try to choose mirrors in gold polished or wood stained frames. To give the most sensational and lovely feeling, place fresh flowers in period-style vases, and seek out Victorian-style collectibles such as china dishes and figurines.
  8. Lastly, the windows in your master bedroom should be nicely dressed with the drapes or full curtains with the tantalizing fresh colors. They can be ruffles, valances, braid, lace, bows and tassels. Fabrics can include velvet, brocade, delicate floral and eyelet, possibly layered atop lace sheers.

Thus with these interesting tips you can easily and nicely decorate your master bedroom in the Victorian style to make it a most lovable room.

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