Design Approaches to Accessorizing the Victorian Decorating Style

The frilly and ornate decorative accessories are the major style options that should be included when decorating your home in the classic and traditional Victorian theme. The glorious Victorian era was the era of lavish accessories and over-abundance in the art of decoration in homes. So that same thing can be involved in modern home to give it a unique Victorian style. With the help of best designing ideas and accessories, you can add that extra charm and attraction.

Let us discuss the ways by which you can accessories your home in the typical Victorian theme and looks.

1. Wall Art
To add that utmost charm to your home, you can indulge in the wall art. When hanging art, think like a gallery and put the middle of the piece at eye level. But if you are designing group of items then, first lay them on the floor to know how to make them more pleasing. Even the large paintings should be enclosed in the gold or brass polished frames in groups.

2. Decorative pillows
The pillows can be used in the kitchens and bathrooms to give the ultimate touch of grandeur and art. You should place the number of embroidered pillows on the bed in the living room and bedroom and those who are on a budget should rely on the fringed or buttoned pillows to bring that special aura in their rooms. The pillows can also be placed on sofas, chairs and beds. Trims include embroidery, lace, braid, fringe, cording and tassels; fabrics include brocades, velvets and needlepoints.

3. Light fixtures or candle stands
The lighting part is very important to add that style and fashion in Victorian touch. You can try out the candelabras dripping with prisms, crystal and sterling silver, or roses in vases, etc. Just try to set out slim candles in holders made of silver, brass, crystal, glass, china and wood or use wall-mounted candleholders, or sconces, as desired. If happen then do not miss Select traditional-style lamps, especially ginger jars and candlesticks, for the many occasional tables typical of bedrooms, Victorian parlors and other living spaces.

4. Old-style Dishes
This is the complete creative and unique idea of decorating your home with the old style dishes on the walls along with the vases on the table tops. You can also place the crocheted doilies on the tables, sofa backs and sides.

5. Other small beautiful embellishments
You can decorate your room with the embellishments such as ornately framed mirrors and pictures, ancestral portraits, vintage photos, botanical subjects or etchings. You can showcase with clocks, hand-blown paperweights, thimbles, antique dolls, figurines and vases containing cut flowers.

6. Furniture
The mahogany or marble furniture should be used to accessorize your rooms. It is not necessary that you use the antique furniture but the non-antique dark stained wooden furniture can be very attractive. Try to select the furniture according to the scale of your bedroom and other items so that nothing appears to be disorganized or messy. Try to incorporate shelves into the décor to hold many stuff and collectibles for garnishing your home. Shelves should be carved or bamboo wall-hung versions, corner pieces loaded with cutouts, and tiered display tables.

7. Window Treatment
The draperies and velvet curtains dress up the windows elaborately. The curtains can be of velvet, brocade, eyelet, ornate laces and patterned rugs such as Orientals, floral, leaf patterns and other machine-made, swirly designs are also very dazzling.

Thus the splendid accessories add the extra beauty to your room so that it may look refreshing in the typical Victorian style.

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