Dollhouse Kitchen Design and Layout

Dolls have been the best companions of young girls throughout the world. Dollhouses are built by almost every girl when she is young or small. Girls love to fantasy a beautiful house of their own and so they create the dollhouses in exact replica of their “dream house”. One of the principle rooms in the dollhouse is the kitchen. Therefore, the dollhouse kitchen furniture is one of the most important additions to any dollhouse.

Here are some of the important designs when it comes to the dollhouse kitchen.

  1. There is a huge range of dollhouse kitchen sets available from a few simple appliances to deluxe, everything that you can imagine. Tables and chairs are also an integral part of the dollhouse kitchen. Also keep in mind that many of the fun dollhouse accessories belong in the kitchen such as pots, pans and dollhouse food. So, make sure that your kitchen is able to display them.
  2. Most dollhouse kitchen furniture shoppers don’t realize that there are actually many different scales in the dollhouse furniture today. The commonest one is the 1 inch scale, meaning that every 1 inch equals a standard 12 inches or foot. There are also smaller and larger styles on the dollhouse scale. The smaller sizes are ½ inch and ¼ inch. The most important thing to remember with dollhouse scales is that they are consistent with your dollhouse and other furniture. The most common scale that you’ll find in stores and websites is the 1 inch scale and I’ll recommend you to work on this scale only.
  3. Style is another important factor when it comes to your dollhouse. There are a number of common styles that you’ll find for your dollhouse furniture: Victorian, classical, metro, and modern and many more.
  4. Victorian dollhouse furniture has the classic feel of the Victorian era-curved and rounded lines, high ended backs, and prominent detailed legs. Victorian dollhouse furniture are the top sellers in dollhouse miniatures due to their distinct and beautiful design. However, if you enjoy a modern look, then you can opt for the modern dollhouse furniture as well. Modern design has a unique feel to it, and I suggest that if you are interested in this route, then you should plan your entire dollhouse with modern furniture to keep a certain amount of consistency.
  5. Another factor that plays an important roll in the designing of your dollhouse is the color co-ordination. If you are planning to give a classy look to your dollhouse then I’ll recommend you to go with white color. It is a great color that matches with any type of flooring or wallpaper. Whatever the choice of color may be, it is important that you co-ordinate it with the color of cabinets and flooring.

So, by a little planning and preparation, you can give a beautiful look to your dollhouse.

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