Dollhouse Library Colors and Coordination

A library or office in your dollhouse helps you define the area to which your dollhouse belongs; some furniture’s are very modern while others capture the essence of the Victorian era.  A library is an area where a couple of accessories such as a decorative globe or a stack of acclaimed books can help your dollhouse shine. A library or an office brings a little more refinement to your dollhouse.

Dollhouse libraries can be decorated with many combinations and styles, depending on your taste and preference. Here are some ideas to help you design your dollhouse library in a good manner. If you are looking for a classical or popular choice for your dollhouse furniture, then it is recommended to go with white. White is a fabulous and elegant color and it matches with every type of color. Another reason to a white color is that it is relatively easy to clean, dust and maintain. Moreover, white gives a smooth and classy finish to any decor.

  1. Instead of natural woody finish, you can go for black dollhouse furniture. Not only does black furniture attract the eye, but most pieces have accented hand-painted designs. Though the design has more to do with style than color, most black designs lend themselves away from a colonial or Victorian look into something that’s more modern and classy.
  2. Green dollhouse furniture is not a very popular option, but it has some great qualities for your dollhouse. A great reason for choosing green colored furniture is that it adds variety and mixture that not only stands out, but also makes other pieces and designs look unique. There are several shades of green to choose from, and you can opt for the one that unifies and enhances the look of your dollhouse.
  3. Though, it is not as popular as mahogany or oak, maple still provides a great creamy or reddish-brown finish to your dollhouse furniture. In fact maple woods, with regards to dollhouse furniture kits are probably one of the most scratch-resistant that you will find in the market. This wood-type matches well in coordinating any design and would fit in with any dollhouse style.
  4. Dollhouse library is not just about coordinating colors. It is more about the careful placement of accessories. The accessories may include some revered books, globes, a sofa-set and table, and other decorative items. However, you can either go for matching colors or allow a contrast.

Well, above are some of the color coordination ideas for your dollhouse library.

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