Dressing Your Home the Victorian Style

The Victorian Style of dressing your home is still popular in the 21st century. This Victorian decorating theme consists of antique hanging accessories and modern methods that can make you bring this tantalizing theme in your homes. A major factor in Victorian decorating is what you put on the walls. For this style, the room colors also make a big difference and you should consider of putting dark colors with classic appeal. Furniture, flooring and ceiling also contribute to the wonderful Victorian style houses.

Let us discuss the evolution of Victorian Home Decor
The Victorian style meant something that is full of riches and luxury and that same theme is presented in the modern homes also. The Victorian style consisted of abundance at the highest possible level. So if you really want to decorate your rooms in the typical Victorian style then make sure that you get the good accessories to reflect that era in your rooms.

Decorating your homes

  • While decorating your home, windows from the major part of the Victorian style. So you must dress your windows with a minimum of three full, unique and flowing layers of curtains as well as shades. White is treated as the best color for the curtains because you can easily have the sunshine inside your rooms.
  • Try antique style wallpaper and border sets on the wall. If you want to have something different then go for the option of paint and stenciling.
  • Decorating your home in Victorian style way does not mean that you have to spend a lot. You can merely paint the walls in a neutral shade and let the accents in the room do the decorating.
  • Talking about the furniture then it should be beautiful and usable with a purpose that is clearly defined. You can add the gorgeous accents such as showy lampshades. Try old fashioned ceiling lights with lamps with silk fringe shades.
  • Just like the windows, your light bulbs should be covered in two to three layers of white fabric and you can add some gold accents if you want.
  • For the flooring you can buy the area rugs with a Victorian design. To decorate your rooms in a budget buy genuine antique rugs.
  • Do consider old photos, traditional paintings, artwork and mantle clocks that match your Victorian decor. Make sure that you add plenty of antiques as well as Victorian era ornaments. Additional touches like vintage fabrics and vases filled with flowers can add that special touch that gives your home a professional look.
  • You can also add a magical touch with the antique wooden pieces like side tables and curio cabinets.

Thus in this way you can have the Victorian themed interior decoration of your home with the lavish accessories which will be very delighting and refreshing for you and your rooms.

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