Georgian and Victorian Style Conservatories

Georgian and Victorian style conservatories are in vogue nowadays because of their elegant design and classy look. In fact, the demands of these conservatories have increased enormously in the last few years. Here is a description of both styles of conservatories, so that you can choose the one that best suites your needs and budget.

Georgian Conservatories
Georgian architecture was the style of 18th century, especially from the reign of King George 1, who ascended the throne in 1711, into the reign of King George 4. Georgian design has unique features that draw up both classic Greek and Roman architecture. In residential settings, the Georgian design was typified. The red brick house with courses and cornices of white stone and trimmings of painted woodwork is perhaps the best known example of Georgian design, still popular in the 21st century. Due to the growing industrialization of many parts of United Kingdom, there was a huge demand for the construction of large, gracious residences for those who had acquired new wealth during this period.

Georgian conservatories have gained huge popularity in recent years. There might be some architectural devices that blend easily together, when considering the addition of these classic conservatories, this design truly works best when being added to the preexisting residences or edifices. There is definitely an element of grandeur attached to the Georgian conservatories and the person who is interested in appending the conservatory will certainly appreciate the depth and versatility of the design.

Victorian Conservatories
Victorian conservatories are gaining popularity, even as this historical period has faded beyond the century mark. Victorian styling is famous for its’ ornate flourishes. In fact, during the actual historical period these designs were euphemistically known as “the high Victorian style”. More often, when we think of the Victorian designs, we tend to describe the designs as “lush, abundant and cultured”. After an era featuring more stark design work, the designers and the public seem to long for a more sophisticated and intricate work- and vice versa. Victorian conservatories take the best design outfitting from the Victorian Era and combine them with openness and freshness that is elementary to any conservatory. The end result is a unique conservatory that bears ornate markings, well recognized from the late 1800s combined with a view towards nature that is at once remarkable and delightful.

In spite of the above delicate designs and intricacies, Victorian designs are not very popular or suitable for all kinds of homes. Because of its’ ornate design-work, a Victorian conservatory is not something that is easy to remodel. In short, care must be taken, to ensure that this design conception that can be lived with and enjoyed for years to come.

So, you can choose the type of conservatory that best suites the look and design of your house.

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