History of Victorian furniture

Victorian Era is known to be the period between 1840 and 1900. During this period Queen Victoria was the Queen of England. In this period a distinguish style of home designing and decorating were in use. During the Victorian era, Britain ushered in industrialization and mechanization, which fueled the economy and prompted consumerism.

So, here we will tell you all about the history of Victorian furniture:

1. Important Features
Features of antique Victorian furniture include imposing structures, curving silhouettes, dark woods, glossy glazes, rounded corners and lots of flourishes and ornamentation. In the Victorian Era the regency style of furniture were replaced by more durable, strong and heavy furniture of the prosperous Victorian home. The furniture was made up of dark shining woods of mahogany and rosewood.

2. Types of furniture
No one style was prominent in the Victorian Era because designers and interior decorators wanted to be as imaginative as possible. They liked experimenting with different styles and types. There are various types of furniture that can be classified as Victorian. In general, feminine and delicate designs reigned, and comfort was prioritized with cushions on armchairs and dining room chairs. In the late nineteen century the Victorian period designers thought about repeating the Sheraton, Chippendale and Tudor styles with dark finishes and high quality construction.

3. Time frame
The Victorian style furniture had some dominant characters of the Regency furniture styles, with curves, scrolls and woven elements.  In the middle of the nineteenth century the styles changed again with more rounded elements, shiny finishes, carved ornamentation and upholstery. In the later part of this century the furniture making experienced two unique styles, Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau.

4. Effects throughout the period
The effects of Victorian furniture designs where experienced through out the nineteenth century. Carving and adornments remained, but became Gothic and medieval in theme. The style included decoration in favor of simplicity, favored the handmade look and celebrated farmhouse style. Instead of using the dark mahogany of Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts furniture designers left pieces unvarnished and lighter in tone. The style also has hand painted panels and elements.

5. Misconceptions of the styles
The Victorian era did not have a singular style of furniture. The types kept on changing through out the century. The designers experimented with styles from around the world and throughout history, particularly borrowing from Gothic, Tudor, Rococo, Elizabethan and neoclassical traditions. In the Victorian Era the designs and styles that were used were extremely unique and creative. Designers mixed the designs from history, the Middle East, Asia and more in the creation of furniture, wallpaper, art, fittings and interior decoration.

These are some very important facts about the furniture styling and designing in the Victorian Era.

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