Home Decor Victorian Style

The Victorian Era lasted from 1830s to 1900s and during this time there emerged ways of making beautiful Victorian homes with the lavish stuff and vintage accessories. At that time, there appeared changes in style and decor and this time saw the abundance in the rich high tone colors such as moist colors of crimson, purple and forest green, ornately textured fabrics and elaborate carvings and moldings. The brass or gold polished pots stood on the wooden tables or piano tops. It gave the wonderful and interesting looks. But you can also decorate your room with the 19th century Victorian decor theme which is still popular and highly appreciable.

Let us discuss ways by which you can get a Victorian style in your home.

  1. Colors are always the base of any old traditional style. Similarly, the Victorian style was also appealing with its authentic dark color tones. The colors ranged from adventurous reds, greens and purple shades. The mixing of two to three different colors should be appreciated.
  2. The flooring is also very necessary to give a nice and comfortable feeling to our feet so try to use the wall-to-wall soft carpets or area rugs. These carpets will really compliment the artistic and traditional look of your home. The carpets should be chosen in such a way that they are in geometric black and white designs. If you want you can also use designed tiles, or use dark and wooden floors. Get the look by staining light wooden floors to a darker hue.
  3. The Victorian furniture also holds its own importance.  You can chose sofas and chairs with rounded corners. Try to get that furniture of dark wood that are ornately carved. The number of embroidered cushions with fringes and patterns can also line the sofa. Tables used are curved and would be topped with ornaments, framed pictures, china figures, brass boxes, ceramic pots and bowls. You can also place the silver boxes on a dark wooden table.
  4. The candelabras were very popular in the Victorian era and those same light fixtures can be used on the walls. The light fittings made of with etched glass or colored lampshades of gold or brass are popular to decorate in your homes.
  5. The draperies and curtains should not be missed as they make the environment most creative and innovative with the freshness in its own. Try to use the heavy velvet curtains from ceiling to floor fringed with gold. It is also necessary to match the curtains with the colors of the walls to make the room look spacious. If the wall paper has a cream or pale background, curtains in that color would work well.
  6. Walls in the unique Victorian style were a complicated mix of paint, paper, dado and picture rails. So try to hang very large paintings in gilded frames, beside dark wooden framed photographs. Even try to group small pictures around a central large one.
  7. The stained glass windows used in panels in front doors or in windows are very attractive and decorative. The pieces of colored glass were fused together in geometrical patterns. So this style of stained glass with pictures of animals and birds can be used in modern homes to give it a traditional Victorian look.

Thus in this way you can create your own Victorian styling in the modern houses and get the appreciable responses from everyone.

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