How to Choose Decor that Fits Your Style

If you want to give a Victorian style to your house and do not know about the basic things that will blend easily in your home, then we have the right tips for you to choose the décor that can easily fit the Victorian style. The Victorian style is the lavish traditional style with vintage accessories and antique pieces to create a great impact. With the Victorian styling you can easily fancy and ornate the walls and surroundings with rich colors and accessories.

Let us highlight the ways by which you can choose the Victorian home decor that suits and fits your style of modern with traditional.

  1. The rich colors such as purple, reds, etc. are always considered the best choice if you choose the Victorian style for coloring your walls. Wall art is the fantastic way to add an attractive and gorgeous charm to the walls.
  2. The Victorian richness and deep jewel tones are wonderful in designing your home in the Victorian style. The shiny gold or brass also adds to the beauty of doors and cabinets.
  3. The deep burgundies, greens, gold, and plums highlighted with accents of pure white.
  4. If you think of hanging the antique items on the walls then nicely judge the position and lighting on the walls. If you are hanging a grouping of items on the wall, then come up with the design by laying them on the floor first to come up with how they look most pleasing. Thus when you are hanging art then you should think like a gallery and put the middle of the piece at eye level.
  5. There are many master paintings or old portrait paintings available in gold gilt frames in groups which will work well to add an interesting element to the Victorian decorating style.
  6. To add the charm to your décor, choose the perfect wooden or dark stained furniture. The round tables, side tables, cabinets, couches, etc. are the main key to a lavish decoration Victorian theme.
  7. You can come up with a use for pillows in every room even the kitchen and bathroom. Adding pillows in the bathroom is one option and you can quickly place one on the hamper or in shelves or racks with towels. Pillows are the best way to give an alluring effect on the Victorian home décor for those who cannot spend a lot.
  8. The decorative embroidered pillows should be placed at the headboard of your bed in the bedroom to give a great professional look. Side by side the adorable pillows placed on the wooden antique furniture in living room also give additional finishing and touches.
  9. Add candelabras dripping with prisms, crystal and sterling silver, or roses in vases for more of a feeling olden era. The mirrors in oval gold or brass polished frames work a lot.
  10. You should not forget about those accessories that give a fancy and decorating appeal. For the enhancing touch try hand painted china in a curio cabinet or place porcelain figurines on display shelves.
  11. Accessorize your Victorian decorating style with mahogany and marble furniture, and fancy metal accessories can help add charm.
  12. Make sure that your accessories are in the ideal scale to each other so you need to be aware of the sizes of your items when picking them.

Thus with the help of these tips you can easily choose the Victorian decor that suits your style.

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