How to Decorate Modern Home in Victorian Style

Victorian decorating means over-abundance and luxury and that is seen in the Victorian home décor which is still popular in the modern 21st century. The Victorian decorating comprises of antique accessories and modern methods that can completely make your house outstanding. There are many creative and excellent ideas that can fit well in your modern homes and still can be adorable in the traditional and gracious Victorian theme.

Let us discuss on how to decorate your modern home in Victorian style.

  1. The major thing by which you can give your modern home a vintage Victorian style is by first considering the walls and its color tones. You should consider of putting the reds and dark colors and anything with vintage appeal and depending on the particular style many colors either in your wall color or your accessories.
  2. Use antique style wallpaper and border sets on the walls and you can use paint and stenciling also. If you have a tight budget then you can only consider painting your room with the neutral shades and decorate the room with the accents. You can simply texture walls in warm neutrals to eliminate the coldness of white.
  3. The next most important thing is the flooring which can be given a traditional and unique Victorian feel by placing carpets or soft area rugs. Even the genuine antique rugs or reproductions also work best in budgeted plans. Opt for wall-to-wall carpet with an all-over floral pattern but nowadays hardwood floors are considered as they require less maintenance. Small tiles floors are best fit for bathrooms.
  4. Another key to make your modern home outstanding in Victorian theme is to place the hanging accessories on the walls to make the room dazzling and appealing. Buy the old photos, artwork and mantle clocks that match your Victorian décor. The antique pieces in abundance work very well. Additional strokes of vintage fabrics and vases filled with flowers can give a special touch that gives your home a professional look.
  5. If you want to consider light fixtures that are stylish as well as appealing then go for the Victorian themed light fixtures such as old fashioned ceiling lights with lamps with silk fringe shades along with table lamps and sconces.
  6. There is no need to use antique furniture but you can use sofa with reproduction. Wooden pieces like side tables and curio cabinets would look best.  Try to combine Victorian cabinets and side chairs with modern sofas.
  7. Dressing the windows is also very important with the draperies and lovely lacy curtains. Go for the layered drapery or velvet curtains or heavy draped curtains with different fabrics. Consider chintzes if you cannot afford velvet.
  8. The ugliest or infancy walls can be made look worthy by adding vintage paintings and old photos. Thus with this you can give an interesting look to your parlor walls to bring out the charm.

Thus modern homes can easily blend with the traditional Victorian style just by coordinating your furniture and decorative accessories.

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