Period Doll Houses

Doll houses are actually are the toy homes made in miniature. They are the main attraction among the kids while the crafting and designing of these doll houses has become the fascination among the adults. These doll houses are the small houses made up of rooms; the cabinets were built with architectural details and filled with miniature household items. You also can easily build the period doll houses that demand a bit patience and lot of creativity. You can theme your doll house around a particular era like the Victorian of Georgian era. That is the reason of calling it period doll houses.

Let us discuss the different types of period doll houses.

Victorian Doll Houses

  • This is one of the most popular houses in miniature. As we know that the Victorian era was very popular with the fancy rooms, furnishings and clothes. So that same theme is reflected in these doll houses also. It is very easy to create for your dolls and fill it up with all those small accessories.
  • Victorian style began in the 1830s when the Rococo style was used in furniture and porcelain design. This style was characterized by ornamentation, delicacies and lightness. It was decorative with the shells, curves and asymmetry.  There was charming architecture in around windows and gateways.
  • In these doll houses you can easily mix and match the different styles that will look great. You can fill it with the Victorian style furniture. The most important thing is decorative windows and doors, elegant porticos and large rooms.

Georgian Doll Houses

  • This type of doll houses is regarded as the grand type of doll house. They have the large rooms, big windows and a classic architecture often called as neoclassical style. These types of houses are basically common in UK and USA based on Victorian architecture.
  • The main theme seen in the Georgian doll houses are Greece and Rome, Terraces and Town Houses, Palladianism and Country Houses. Palladianism reflects the ancient Roman architecture that comprises grace, decorative elements and the use of order in a design.
  • Basically the design is very uniform and symmetrical with straight lines and a lot of structure to design. They are thus grand and attractive.

Tudor Doll Houses

  • This Tudor doll house is very uncommon and in fact the most beautiful one. They are attractive and stunning from outside as well as inside.
  • The image of a Tudor house is one of a white building covered in black timbers. The roof is covered with thatch, tiles or slate. Inside are the wood paneled walls which are arranged into decorative patterns. The ceilings are of bare timber or sometimes the rafters are hidden with plaster.
  • They give the most authentic look and mainly focus on the details in their homes and not on spaciousness.
  • They boast of the fantastic woodwork with walls heavily paneled and furniture grew more elaborate. Sideboards became fashionable as a way to display plates and food.
  • Great attention is paid to beds where the feather mattresses replace the straw ones. Intricate four poster beds with detailed carving were made and were valued possessions.

Thus these are the three types of period doll houses that are still famous in the 21st century being very attractive and amazing. They are gorgeous miniatures telling about the ancient eras in a nice and detailed way.

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