Planning a Victorian Era Bathroom

Victorian Era was known as the period between 1837 and 1901. During this period Victoria was the Queen of England. This Era saw rapid industrialization, inventions and a number of great innovations. The beautiful essence of Victorian style bathrooms was very much in demand in the nineteenth and early 20th century homes. But this style is still very much popular and can never go out of fashion.

If you are also interested in having a Victorian style bathroom, complete with a claw-foot tub then here we will provide you some excellent tips on how to plan one for your home.

1. Be acquainted with the style
If you want to have a Victorian style bathroom then try to get acquainted with the style of the Victorian house. Look up Victorian houses in reference materials and books at your local public library.  There are many specific decorating publications devoted to the Victorian Home. Search through these books and periodicals and become familiar with Victorian style.

2. Keep in mind all the important details
Try to keep in mind all the important details of this style. Take a special note of the bathroom fittings. If you want to recreate that Era in your bathroom style then try using Victorian curtain styles, install decorative moldings and wainscot a half paneled wall. Materials can easily be purchased at most lumberyards and home centers.

3. Look at antique stores
Once you have become familiar with the fixtures used during the Victorian Era you may look at antique stores for items you may use for your project. This can include soap dishes, an old mirror, pictures, etc. A regular antique store is the best place to shop for Victorian era related items.

4. Look for antique porcelain sink
Antique porcelain sink and porcelain toilets were used in the Victorian Era so you can also use them in you bathroom. To get the best results only buy fixtures that are in good repair. The fixture must be completely intact. There should not be any cracks. If there are associated plumbing parts, it may be possible to reuse them.

5. Search in architectural salvage shops
If you really want to give your bathroom a Victorian Era touch then you need to search flea markets and architectural reclaim shops for fixtures and Victorian items. If you find a used porcelain fixture; the porcelain can be cleaned smoothly with household detergent.

6. Claw foot tubs
Claw foot tubs can really give your bathroom the Victorian era touch. They may be purchased from companies that provide reproductions. Search through the advertising section of your Victorian decorating publications to find ready sources for Victorian accessories and fixtures.

These are some wonderful tips that you must use in order to decorate your bathroom in the Victorian style.

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