Romantic Victorian Decorating

If you are looking for the complete romantic touch and feel of your bedroom then you should preferably consider the romantic Victorian styling. You can renovate your bedroom in the romantic Victorian style to get break from the stress and tensions of the hectic schedule and spend some intimate time with your beloved.

The Victorian style is beautiful, unique and expensive but you can give your bedroom a romantic Victorian look in the affordable price. Adding a vanity and other feminine accessories will give you the finishing touches for a lovely bedroom.

Let us discuss how to decorate your bedroom in romantic Victorian style.

  1. The very first thing that you should look out for is the furniture. The other ideas will follow automatically. As we know that Victorian theme is abundant and luxurious, so try to beautify your bedroom with ornate pieces such as settee, an armoire, a bedside table and antique tables and chairs. Wood furniture, cherry or chestnut, is best. Any unnecessary furniture should not be used.
  2. Try to combine warm and cool colors. Choose your bed linens of pure white color while wallpapers, area rugs, etc. should be of contrasting color. The use of white in various textures and along with prints gives a feeling of luxury along with a sense of calm. You can then start by accenting the walls with warm white or yellow color. Always remember that you should use cooler accents on bedspreads, curtains and rugs, such as rose and pale pink, or periwinkle and white.  Even you can use gorgeous flower patterns on the walls and curtains.
  3. Accessorize the bedroom with pillows, cushions, pictures, window draperies or curtains; lacy and embroidered handkerchiefs and linens all add to the passionate atmosphere of the room. You can add few black and white or sepia photos also.
  4. The lighting of the bedroom should also justify the Victorian style of decorating. So you should pay proper attention on the ornamental light fixtures. Find lamps and light shades that have lots of fabric on the shades, pretty chandeliers that add to the atmosphere and other small lamps that can sit on tables and nightstands.
  5. You should create a canopy effect for the bed turns into a romantic bower. Try to screw the walls above the four corners of the bed and place cup hooks. Then you can simply gather the sheer panels onto the short curtain rods and hang one rod at the head and foot of the bed by the cup hooks.
  6. Make nosegays from the silk flowers and the ribbon, leaving plenty of ribbon straggling from each pretty bunch of flowers for a romantic finish to the bed’s steep panels as well as for sheer panels matching window treatments.
  7. Intelligently analyze where you want to keep the chairs and table. Put a small table against the corner of the wall and place a small chair in front of it. Then you can also decorate your room by placing oval shaped mirrors in gold polished or wooden frames. Similar framing applies to the old ancestral photographs or portraits. To give a classic Victorian touch you can place crocheted doilies on the wooden tables or cabinets. Even try to arrange perfumed bottles, fancy hairbrush, comb set, atomizers, etc. on the top of the vanity.
  8. There are various creative ideas such as you can cut a 4-foot length of the velvet ribbon and hang it beside the doorway into your bedroom.
  9. Your romantic bedroom would be the perfect place for a chaise lounge, a curved-back sofa or a window seat.
  10. You should look for the lady’s armchair and footstool in a pretty patterned material, or antique-style lamps with lampshades that look like stained glass for your bedside. An old-fashioned floral rug would be a great touch as well.

Thus in this way you can give a very romantic and lovable Victorian look to your bedroom.

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