Several Beautiful Victorian Style Homes

Victorian architecture can be referred to the architectural styles and designs used during the Victorian Era. The Victorian Era was a period in history from 1840 to 1900. During this time, industrialization brought many innovations in architecture. There are a variety of Victorian styles, each with its own distinctive features.

Victorian style homes include beautiful home furniture and accessories, amazing wall decor, breathtaking designs in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and outdoor decors, elegant railings, bed posts and bathroom vanities.

Most of the houses built during the Victorian period especially in England were made of stone, and enhanced with decorative “stone tracery”. The Victorian decorations and designs were extremely popular during the Victorian period. People who were very rich and wealthy preferred their houses to be built and designed using the Victorian styles.

The Victorian architecture has many alluring features which are still used mainly by the higher class of people in the society. A large number of variety including wall art, lighting, chairs, beds, lounges, tables are available in the Victorian designs.

Simple drawers, night stands, desks, rolling serving charts and fireplace designs are the most prominent in the Victorian style. Available in old-fashioned wooden designs, hand-carved Victorian furniture is some of the classiest furniture that you can ever come across.

Buildings constructed during the Victorian times usually have characteristics of one or more these styles:

1. Gothic revival architecture
Victorian gothic architecture usually had buildings feature arches, pointed windows, and other details borrowed from the middle ages. Masonry Gothic Revival buildings resembled cathedrals.

2. Second Empire or Mansard style
These styles of buildings have boxy mansard roofs and rectangular tower. This style was well known for public buildings and state institutions.

3. Victorian Queen Anne architecture
Queen Anne is the most elaborate of the Victorian styles. Buildings are ornamented with towers, turrets, and wrap around porches, large bay windows, multiple balconies and other fanciful details.

4. Victorian Italianate architecture
Rebelling against formal, classical architecture, Italianate became the one of the most popular styles in the United States. This style is characterized by bay windows in front; tall, narrow windows and towers, small chimneys, low roofs, wide eaves, and ornamental brackets.

5. Victorian stick-Eastlake architecture
Trusses and stick work suggest medieval building techniques on these relatively plain Victorian buildings. Found in the Northeast, Stick homes are decorative but not very ornate. They generally include steeply pitched roofs with overhangs, wooden shingles covering the exterior walls and roof, and squared bay windows.

6. Folk Victorian style
This style was mainly there for the less privileged class of people using trim work made possible by mass production.

7. Richardsonian Romanesque Architecture
These style of buildings were constructed of stone, they resemble small castles. Romanesque was used more often for large public buildings, but some private homes were also built in the imposing Romanesque style.

These are some of the most famous styles prevalent during the Victorian Era.

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