Tips to Accessorize Your Antique Victorian Fireplace

A Victorian Home is more appealing and beautiful if it has the fireplace designed with the beautiful vintage accessories and decorations. Fireplace provides a warm and cozy feeling and it is the place where the whole family can gather and talk. There are many precautions to be taken while lighting the fire so that sparks may not create the worst situation. There are various tools that help in making the fireplace handling safe and secure as well as ornamental.

Let us discuss the tips to accessorize the antique fireplace in a safe way.

1. Patterned Carpets
For giving the real look to your antique Victorian fireplace, patterned carpets are the best way to enhance the beauty of it. The texture and soft feeling of the carpets should be taken into consideration. More the traditional patterns more will be the vintage look and feel of your home.

2. Polished Floor Boards
The wooden floors are highly popular in the traditional Victorian style. These wooden floor boards are scratch resistant and also you can laminate the flooring if you are decorating fireplace in a budget. They offer a clean look and feel to the fireplace. If you want you can also have some reclaimed floor boards. You can also have solid black flooring which is affordable as compared to laminate.

3. Tiled Floors
It is very beneficial to tile your floor with the efficient and durable tiles so that they can bear the heat forever and do not produce any damages. They should be underneath the carpets and place those tiles which provide a complete vintage and authentic look. Checkerboard and herringbone tiles are very impressive for the particular Victorian look.

4. Rich tones of colors
Victorian home décor is famous for the dark and rich colors such as ruby reds, dark bottle greens, beige, etc. These colors renovate the room in a fantastic way. The fireplace if surrounded by dark tone of colors brings more warmth to the rooms.

5. Wall art
Wall art in the form of flock wallpapers is also very dazzling and can easily blend with the antique fireplace. The flock wallpaper is the traditional one and is the most popular patterns of old Victorian style.

6. Furniture
The fireplace can also be accessorized with the plump furniture. When it comes to accessories, over-abundance should be the preferable concern to decorate in Victorian style. Try to buy out the old chairs and sofas or antique furniture from the antique stores and accessorize your fireplace.

7. Patterned or velvet fabric
The choice of drapes above the fireplace or in the rooms can really put a very nice effect. Do not ever try to have draping fabric from the mantelpiece as it can lead to various accidents.

8. Skirting board
The Skirting board, dado rail or coving should be of the right choice. Try to have skirting board of 30 cm. Victorian tended to steer clear of the white gloss that tends to grace skirting boards nowadays.

9. Decorative screens

You can easily get the several types of screens shield an individual from heat. Some were used to hide the fireplace in summer months.

10. Fenders
A fender is three-sided rectangular shaped metal piece that keeps sparks from jumping onto carpets and flooring. They could be very ornamental at times.

Thus in this way you can beautifully accessorize your antique fireplace in the typical Victorian style.

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