Tips to Get a Decadent Victorian Look in Your Home

The Victorian look in the homes is still popular with the antiques and the lavish accessories typically denote the unique style of Victorian era. The Victorian theme imparts a traditional old look and can easily blend with your modern styling of rooms. The Victorian look is the result of a mixture of influences, including classical, Oriental, Gothic and Italian. This kind of style means the concept of dark color tones, vintage accessories with the hand crafted items thus to bring out the perfect charm and beauty.

There are various tips to get a decadent Victorian look in your home.

  • The dark colors are used which provide the ultimate warm depth in rooms. The colors such as Persian blue, deep reds, rich greens, dark plum and wine, terra cotta and darkly stained woods are the basic things that characterize the Victorian styling.
  • If you really want to decorate your rooms then you should go for the option of lighter color spectrum that nicely contrasts with the soft blues, soothing greens, pinks and grays for that maximum effect.
  • As we know that Victorian style houses used to light their rooms with miscellaneous lighting possibilities such as gas, electric and oil based options. Similarly to have that same historic touch you can fix candelabra style fixtures throughout the home. For getting the authentic touch, pick those candle fixtures that come with ornamental details in either gold or bronze finish.
  • Apart from those authentic candelabras, you can also lighten your traditional Victorian rooms by selecting table and floor lamps with metal bases finished in iron, brass, copper or silver. You can even use the variety of occasional tables such as bamboo or marble-topped.
  • Even the white silk shades add to the beauty of that old Victorian theme in your house. You can also go for crystal intonated chandeliers which easily fit the bill for abundant lighting in your dining room.
  • Another important thing that adds to the unique Victorian look and feel is the furniture. It is meant to be the focal point in the rooms with large proportions, strong structures and darkly stained, shiny woods. You can make the look more diverse than the traditional look.
  • You can place the utterly stylish couches below stairs or on the floor landings. If you want a more asymmetrical look then you can also use a meridienne, a couch that has uneven arms attached by a slanting back. Apart from couches you can pair the sofas with deep-buttoned and balloon-back chairs to complete your seating arrangements and keep friends and family in luxurious comfort.
  • The windows also form the major part of this exotic Victorian look and so you can drape the windows with lightweight curtains of neutral colors that typically match your rooms’ color tones.
  • The classic accessories should not be missed such as ancestral portraits, botanical pictures and mirrors on the walls, candle sconces, old family photos, etc.
  • Design the walls with wallpapers or bordered wallpapers and place wall-to-wall carpets on the floors.

Thus these are the highly interesting tips that will help you give your rooms a perfect Victorian look and aura.

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