Types of Four Seasons Sunrooms

There are many options when it comes to planning and designing your house. Nowadays many homeowners are busy in enlightening their houses with the natural sunlight and this is achieved by the Four Season Sunrooms. With the four season sunrooms you can add that extra space in your portico to comfortably enjoy the weather and air with proper sunlight. These sunrooms enhance the beauty and add value to your home property by making it more elegant.

Sunrooms are significantly more cost effective, easier to install and less messy in construction than the ordinary rooms.

What is Four Season Sunroom?
All the four season sunrooms are made of completely insulated walls and ceilings with well insulated glass windows. You can easily extend the home cooling and heating system to keep the sunroom’s temperature at ease during hot sizzling summer days and frosty winter nights.

Types of Four Season Sunrooms:

1. Cathedral Sunroom
It is the perfect style of sunroom and it is blend with the old fashioned look of the Victorian homes. The basic characteristics of these rooms are high ceilings mirrored the interior rooms of the house. But the design and structure is best fitted with the old Victorian look. They provide ample airy space with sliding doors, insect screens and sliding windows. Thus they add a new dimension to our homes and lifestyles.

2. Straight Sunroom
It is just a plain design of the sunroom with no additional features. They are simply finished with aluminum interiors and exteriors and even natural wood interior beams in some styles. The basic theme is the simplicity and subtlety thus giving it a look of classic style sunroom. They beautifully add the natural sunlight with elegance into your rooms. The Straight features have heavy duty rafters with adjustable roof slopes insulated panels for roof. They are available in bronze, sandstone and white.

3. Curved Sunroom
It is a refined sunroom with portico enclosure with a curved look. They are perfectly suitable for the housing purposes and contain sliding doors, thermally broken framework, insulated panels for roof filled with foams, and accurate flooring system. In this sunroom you will find the graceful lines and elegant symmetry with the polished and finished look of existing roofline. They provide the natural sunlight thus enhancing the decoration of your homes.

4. Conservatory Sunroom
It is treated as the absolute and stunning four season sunroom. It is a versatile sunroom with proper glazing from solar control and insulation. You will see the masterpieces in architectural designs in these conservatory sunrooms. They easily blend with the old fashioned look of your home. They are provided with French doors, carved glass, dentil molding and ridge cresting.  You can even select wood interiors of oak or pine. Apart from that the other means to make it look dazzling is you can place beamed ceilings, fans, glass trapezoids and skylarks. It is for both residential as well as commercial purposes.

Thus these are the various types of four season sunrooms which are brighter and more conventional creating more habitable living rooms, wonderful sun-drenched dining rooms, or bigger kitchens to bring light into the heart of the home. It literally combines the old fashioned look for the Victorian homes with modern construction techniques bring out excellence and quality.

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