Victorian Decor for Every Room

Decorating your homes in the Victorian style hen you really need to have the elegant accessories, antique pieces to beautify and rejuvenate your rooms. It is the combination of modern architecture with the Victorian theme of antiques and vintage accessories. They give a new look and feel and have a great impact on the interior decoration of your home. This Victorian decor is basically made exclusive by infusing it with hand-crafted items and personal charm.

Let us discuss the Victorian Decor for rooms in a detailed way:

1. Walls
The main thing that is seen in the Victorian Décor is the color tomes of the walls. The color gives ultimate importance to your wall accessories and thus adds magical charm in your rooms. Victorian era décor demands dark tones; using neutral walls and wallpapers which instantly clash with the furniture you will need. Your walls should be covered in lush colors such as dark greens, red, purples, browns, etc. the classic wallpapers or borders are an excellent way to add a fantastic touch to your rooms.

2. Floors
If you are really thinking of Victorian style of flooring then try the Victorian style area rug. This area rug is fashioned in an oriental style to complete the genuineness of the Victorian decorating look. The floors of the living room can either be hardwood floors or wall-to-wall carpeting.

3. Accessories
The wall accessories form the major part of the Victorian style home décor. Old photographs, classic paintings or old wall clocks are the dazzling way to add a beautiful touch to your Victorian style housing. Other accessories that you can use are candles, flowers; pictures, mirrors, etc. which add to the charm of the room and continue with the loving themes of the time. Decorations that are placed on the tables, such as candle holders, crystal lamps, porcelain figurines, or a vase of dried flowers, should be set on embroidered lacy mats to add beauty to it.

4. Furniture
The Victorian style decor needs specific type of furniture. It should be darkly stained and have elaborated craftsmanship. High-backed chairs with scroll detail, fainting sofas, marble tabletops, circular sofas and more complete the look. The furniture should be comfortable and durable. Choose the curio and side tables made of wood with rich patina to give the exotic Victorian look and style in your rooms.

5. Window Dressings
The dressing and beauty of windows also mean a lot in the Victorian style of home decor. The lightweight layered drapes of white or bright colors are very common complete with sheers, velvet curtains. Your chosen fabrics should match the design style and color tones of the walls and windows.

Thus in this way you can have your rooms beautifully decorated in the unique Victorian style.

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