Victorian Dining Room

The Dining room is the place in our house where we have our food and offer delectable cuisines and dishes to our guests when they are invited for lunch and dinner. It is the most special place where every member of the family with guests can meet, have food and have an open discussion with everyone. It is also very important to decorate your dining room in such a way that it really becomes attractive and the best place for you to sit and have proper talking.

If you are interested in the traditional Victorian style then you can nicely decorate your dining room with the vintage ornamentals and accessories. Let us discuss the ways of decorating and making it more charming and charismatic.

1. Wall colors
The colors of the walls are rich and bright and give the walls a creative as well as authentic look. The Victorian dining room basically gives a royal touch to the house. The walls are usually emphasized by a dado rail that separates the wall into two sections. The section above the dado rail is to be done with a simple patterned wall-paper. The designs can be anything like tangled lilies, creepers, vines, brambles, etc.

Below the dado rail you can chose something of a dark color such as brown, green or dark pastel shades. The corners in larger dining rooms can have paneling and heavy draperies or curtains with a velvet touch look amazing in a rich contrasting color like rust, copper or even light golden.

2. The Lighting
In lighting the dining room, the chandeliers, sconces, candelabras, candle holders and other light fixtures on the walls or on the table tops create a great influence. The chandeliers can prove best during when guests are at home while the hidden lights and sconces can prove for individual or for couple dining time by creating a very soft ambience. For the pure classic look go for the A big candle stand in iron or silver on the middle of the table or place candles on them.

3. Furniture
The dining room without the proper furniture will be very incomplete. So go for the mahogany, walnut and rosewood dark stained furniture. It should actually be the large, strong and sturdy furniture. The tables and chairs should have a nicely chiseled and curved appearance, laying much emphasis on styling.

Also the important furniture, which must be there in a Victorian dining room, is a sideboard. This is set against the wall where there is large mirror with shelves and cabinets. The table has plates and a few important dishes like condiments, thus leaving sufficient space for table decorations.

Flowers on the table are also the major decorating part on the tables in the Victorian style and looks.

Thus these are the most exciting tips to decorate your dining room in the Victorian style and make it the most tempting in everybody’s eyes.

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