Victorian Fire Place Mantels-Make Your Home Beautiful

Victorian Era was a period of new inventions, innovations, explorations and industrialization. This Era experienced a new freedom to create and experiment with new things. These new innovations could clearly be seen in the fireplace design of the Victorian Era. These beautiful fireplace mantles gave a classy and majestic look to the whole appearance of the room.

The high class people in the Victorian era were very sophisticated, stylish and classy and they usually preferred everything that had style and grandeur.

Now let us talk about the different kinds of fireplace mantles which were popular during the Victorian era.

1. Slate fireplace mantles
Slate fireplace mantles were very popular at the end of the Victorian era. These mantles were almost always painted to look like more expensive marbles. Slate fireplace mantles were very stylish and gave ornate look to the fireplace during those times.

2. Stone mantles
Stone mantles were greatly used during the Victorian period. The fireplace surrounds were made up of lime stones, marbles and other stones. Limestone provided a more contemporary explanation of the traditional styles. And marble mantles gave a classy and elegant appearance to the fireplace.

3. Timber mantles
In Victorian times wooden mantels tended to be made from mahogany. If made from pine they would be painted to look like more expensive wood or commonly painted white with gilded detailing.

4. Cast iron mantles
Cast Iron mantels were used throughout the Victorian Era, especially around kitchen ranges. There were also plenty of ornate and elaborate fireplace mantles which were produced for other rooms as well.

Various kinds of fireplace inserts were also used during the Victorian Era.

1. Horseshoe inserts

Early Victorian fireplace inserts had broad arched fire openings but with much more ornate decoration around the fireplace.

2. Arched inserts
Mid Victorian fireplaces had narrower arched fire openings with more geometric than floral decoration.

3. Tiled inserts
At the end of the Victorian era fireplace inserts become squarer with more prominent hoods and tiles on tile sliders.

If you want to give a Victorian Era appearance to your fireplace mantles then search for some ancient candles and mirrors in an antique shop. These things will look very good on top of a Victorian style fireplace mantle. You can also purchase some antique photo frames to decorate on top of the mantle. Try blending elegant metal frames with an intricately carved Victorian mantel.

While styling your Victorian fireplace mantle, try to make sure you use your imagination and creativeness to give it a very magnificent and grand look.

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