Victorian Interior Designs

Interior decoration is very important for any house. During the Victorian Era there was a great emphasis on the interior decorations. People were very rich and could easily afford to hire well-known designers and interior decorators. The interiors during the Victorian period were very unique and extremely elegant.

During the Victorian Era the typical middle-class drawing room was crammed full of furniture, fabrics were used in abundance and every available surface was overflowing with ornaments. Such displays were a means of showing off their new-found cultural interests, prosperity and status.

So now let us discuss some important features of authentic Victorian interior designs:

1. History of Victorian Interior designs
The Victorian era stared when Queen Victoria became the Queen of England.  This period was between 1837 and 1900. This period was considered to be a very calm and peaceful period without any major distractions. This period is marked by many remarkable innovations, inventions, explorations and rapid industrialization.

Another great thing about this period was its beautiful architecture, furniture and interior decoration styles. The architecture during the Victorian period was very elegant, unique and grand. The interior designs were extremely creative but very complicated.  These amazing styles can still be seen in many houses which were built in this era.

2. Color
Color was the most important element during this period. In the Victorian Era people preferred bright and royal colors. Color schemes varied depending upon the location of the home. Lighter colors tended to be avoided in town and city dwellings due to pollution. Another factor in color choice was often determined by the availability of pigments.

In the second century vibrant, rich colors such as vivid greens and mahogany brown were used mainly in the bedrooms. During this period, the general feeling was that deep, rich colors enhanced the importance of a room. Many thought was given to the creation of right balance of both color and texture between wall, molding, ceiling and woodwork.

3. Wall papers
The use of wall paper was mainly popularized during the Victorian period. In the early and mid-Victorian period complicated designed floral patterns were used and primary backgrounds of red, blue and green overprinted with shades of cream and tan were common. Wall papers gradually became as a status symbol for the rich class.

In The late part of this century Gothic inspired trellises painted in rich earth tones with stylized leaf and floral work were frequently used in all rooms of the house.

4. Flooring
Flooring in the Victorian period was usually of hard wood that was kept in a very good condition by using a lot of polish and hard work. The Victorian people also used rugs to add warmth and to break up the dark colors of the wood. Wall to wall carpets were not much liked in those times.

These are some amazing facts about the interior decorations during the Victorian Era.

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