Victorian Mirrors

Victorian mirrors have always been in demand, irrespective of the fact that they are not very modern or stylish. These mirrors have class, charm and elegance attached to them, and this the reason of their huge popularity over decades. Victorian mirrors are famous for there elaborate and stylish designs. Victorian mirrors, often the ones attached to Victorian dressers are large and oblong.

The average Victorian mirror is usually in the shape of a rectangle and the top edge is usually shorter than the side edge. They have gold or a dark stained wood color. However, these mirrors require a lot of care and maintenance so that the mirror remains beautiful and new, ever since the day you buy it. Whether your interior decorating needs call for a unique bathroom mirror, or a full length dressing mirror or a wall mirror for your foyer, living room or kitchen, Victorian mirrors are suited for every requirement.

There are a number of ways to clean your mirror, some of which are discussed below.

  1. The best way to clean the mirror is to get a piece of your cheese cloth and use a bit of your cleaner to clean and polish the frame. You can choose a wood cleaner but any furniture polish you choose will suffice. Make sure that you clean every inch of the frame thoroughly and neatly.
  2. You can also try using a streak free window cleaner. Streaks will only deter the mirrors natural beauty. After cleaning the surface of the mirror, go back to the frame with the same cloth you used with your furniture polish to assure there are no spots from the window cleaner.
  3. Another point that many people overlook is to keep separate pieces of cloth for cleaning different types of jobs. If you keep one cloth for wood furniture and other for items you clean other than wood polish, you will never have to worry about the wrong cleaning solutions on the furniture that it could damage.

Victorian mirrors are ageless and you can never attempt to compare their beauty and elegance with any other piece of mirror. If you follow the above ideas then your mirror can last forever with the beauty and grace that it had the day you bought it.

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