Victorian Style on a Budget

Most of the people love to design their homes in the traditional Victorian look and feel. This Victorian theme is still popular in the 21st century and is creating its own aura in most of the modern houses as it can easily blend with the new look. The Victorian home decoration style comprises of many vintage accessories that ornate the walls along with the dark tones of color that compliment with the antique wood furniture. But Victorian decorating style is sometimes difficult just because achieving delightful excess means acquiring a lot of stuff.

So, let us discuss ways by which we can give a Victorian style on a budget.

1. No-Sew curtains or Portieres
The Victorian houses often have high windows and for them the readymade curtains can go costly. So go for the Cafe clips and a cafe rod which are the key to this problem. If you want to give the romantic look then use lace tablecloth and for the fresh summer look start with a white sheet. As the windows are high so you measure the excess length, fold the curtains so that you have a sort of top ruffle, and attach cafe clips. If you want you can also add fringe or tassels.

2. Cottage furniture

You can have a cottage look on a budget with unfinished pine furniture. You can easily mix pine furniture with the old furniture pieces. To dress up the plain pieces, use wood ornaments from a craft store. Try to paint the furniture with quiet colors and even paint the ornaments to contrast with the finishing look of the glass knobs and bright floral chintzes, and you will have a Victorian cottage bedroom.

3. Dressed-up Table
Try to dress up the old table with layers of gorgeous fabrics. Place a plain table cloth but if you want to give it a fluffy look then use a sheet and tuck the ends under so that the fabric swells on the floor. Then second layer should be smaller lace tablecloth or a square piece of fabric that covers only the top of the table. Try to coordinate with colors and patterns. Look for the tiny boxes, miniature figures or cover up the shabby frames with tiny sea shells.

4. Brighten up the bathroom

There are various ways to give your bathroom the Victorian look and that too within your budget. Look for the glass bottles or jars with interesting shape and sizes and fill them with colored water. You can even use the small affordable antique bottles. Use the unusual soap dishes or storage containers. Even use the smallest chairs, couch, shelves or some other non-bathroomy piece of furniture.

Thus with the little creativity and patience you can easily have a complete Victorian look in your homes in a budget.

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