Victorian Window Treatment

Victorian window treatment is very complicated and specific. It is very important to choose the correct window treatments to increase the qualities and character of the windows. The Victorian window treatment consists of layered draperies, velvet curtains and heavy draped curtains using various colorful fabrics. Victorian window decor will also give a romantic touch to all your rooms.

So, now let us discuss the main components of Victorian window treatment.

1. Decoration
In the Victorian times people used to have windows which were decorated very beautifully and elegantly. Victorian window curtains often rely on lace to give you that elegant style, making it a very strong decorative element in any room. If you have access to a fabric outlet, you can create your own Victorian curtains quite inexpensively. Victorian window treatment also includes pleated and fringed valances; intricate swags and long window curtains. Always choose lace swag and jabots for the top and a lace panel or tiers for the bottom.

2. Window treatment should be appropriate for the room

Before considering Victorian window treatment, you should make sure that this treatment is appropriate for the room. While using Victorian styling, you should keep in mind that this method of decoration also includes wall coverings and accessories. Try to pay attention to the color scheme and mainly use dark colors on your walls. You can also use wall paper that gives an antique touch to the whole room.

3. Flooring
The Victorian style of window treatment was very unique. Not only the window but other aspects of the room should also be kept in mind while indulging in Victorian window treatment. To match the window treatments with the floor try to find Victorian design area rugs. You can also look for oriental and genuine rugs that would give a whole new appearance to your room.

4. Accessories to match the window treatment
To give the whole Victorian look to your room you have to find accessories which match your window treatment. Search in an antique shop for vintage pictures and painting that can be hung around the window. You can also look for antique clocks, flower vases and period ornaments. These things will add a majestic and classic touch to the room’s appearance.

5. Lighting and fixtures

Another thing that you have to keep in mind while indulging in Victorian window treatment is the lighting and fixtures. Buy old fashioned lights for the ceiling and lamps that have silk edging shades and that can be placed all around the house.

6. Furniture
To match your window treatment you do not have to buy old sofas because they would be very uncomfortable for you. You just need to purchase old end tables and knick knack cabinets to create the whole Victorian affect in your house.

These are some things that you need to keep in mind while styling your windows with Victorian treatment.

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